Adrien Calligaro

Project Manager, Consultant, and Social Media Manager in Oklahoma City, Estados Unidos

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We solve all the needs for the Truck Dispatch.

We are the company that directs and organizes professional offices of drivers and truck owners, we manage payments and documentation at the moment, saving your time and money, providing an optimal service and within reach of your business or personal organization.

We organize truck dispatch services, operators, owners and truckers form the perfect trilogy of our organization, saving time and money, so you do not run out sending freight without results, Our truck dispatch services, include the best mode of payments, negotiation methods according to your interests budget and operating expenses, allowing the simplification of the process of loading and dispatch of trucks and safe cargo, better monitoring and control, reduction of unnecessary costs in parcels and increase in profitability, our commitment is the efficiency and quality of a safe load, so that you save kilometers of negotiations with intermediaries, do not waste hours and hours negotiating with third parties Less words and safe cargo.