Afghan Wireless

Afghan Wireless Communication Company facilitates voice and data communication in Afghanistan, and it is the first company to have done so on a national scale. The firm offers an array of service plans geared to individuals with various communication needs. The plans range from flat per-minute rates to monthly subscriptions with additional charges for extra consumption of minutes.

Based in Kabul, Afghan Wireless was founded with the assistance of Telephone Services International (TSI), one of its parent entities. The TSI team located equipment providers and installers to implement the infrastructure to support a telecommunications network nationwide. The Afghan Ministry of Communications and Information Technology also owns 20 percent of the enterprise.

Afghan Wireless supports customers through offices in Jalalabad and Kandahar as well as through its headquarters in Kabul. Those living in Kandahar can take advantage of the company's Super Wi-Fi offering, which allows them to connect to the Internet from anywhere in the city. Users simply program their mobile devices to seek the Afghan Wireless network, register, and select one of the four plans. Super Wi-Fi works for those engaged in social networking as well as surfing the Internet from a home or office. Consumers can choose from plans that enable them to download between 20 megabytes and 20 gigabytes of data. In addition, the company offers a 50 percent discount to new clients.

Founded by Ehsan Bayat, Afghan Wireless Communication Company continues to benefit from Bayat's expertise, and he currently serves as the company's Chairman. He also leads TSI as President and Chief Executive Officer. A graduate of the New Jersey Institute of Technology, Bayat grew up in Afghanistan and the United States and received his education in both countries.