Afif Ramadi

Philathropist, Civil Engineer, and Historian in Boston, MA

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Afif Ramadi is a retired Civil Engineer. He spends his retirement studying history (particularly, the history of Ramadi, Iraq), supporting charitable organizations and enjoying his hobbies.

For decades, Afif Ramadi enjoyed a thriving career in Civil Engineering. He developed his skills for the trade by pursuing degrees at College des Freres and Universite de Liege. Outside of his academic activities, he participated in events hosted by the Ski Club. This would lead him to a lifelong lover of skiing, which he keeps active with today as one of his favorite hobbies.

Now that he is retired from his work as a Civil Engineer, Ramadi is pursuing his interests of history, farming and humanitarian efforts. Particularly with his own personal farm,he intertwines concepts from his previous career. Over the years, he has worked on perfecting his hand at Agricultural Engineering. The learning process of this crossover has helped him to revitalize his lifelong Civil Engineer status while developing his skills in his new hobby of farming.

Additionally, Afif Ramadi enjoys studying history in his spare time. The passion has led him to his philanthropic and humanitarian efforts. For years, he studied the tragic history and current events of Ramadi, Iraq, a city with which he shares his surname. Now, he supports No More Victims, a charitable organization that has initiated various volunteer efforts in the city.