Afifa Ezi

Jakarta, Indonesia


a world explorer. a very passionate dancer. in love with words and languages. an ice-cream enthusiast. an ever-traveling mind. a late-night conversationalist. a devoted music listener. a food indulger. a movie spectateur with short-span of attention but a memory of an elephant. a beauty seeker. a singer sometimes. a sunshine worshipper, but loves rain too. spoiled by poetry. an English Speaker and a Francophonie but fiercely Indonesian at heart. still shooting with film. forever a kid at heart. a student of life always. a citizen of the world.

currently studying at the Faculty of Humanities, University of Indonesia. majoring in French Studies. deeply loves Indonesian traditional dances so she joined in numerous dancing competitions (which got her travelling around the globe! and won some of them!) and would love to perform more. enjoys putting make up on people's faces and making playlists for her campus' radio. the world's diversity of culture amazes her.

  • Education
    • University of Indonesia