Afifah Fitriah

Malang, Jawa Timur, Indonesia

(n.) Monstersbreaker is a cyber-name of Afifah Fitriah. Monsters refer to all bad matter in life, and being a Monstersbreaker simply means being keep calm and struggle on.

Afifah Fitriah means Sacredness Guarded. Her father is Minangese, her mother is Javanese and she was born on Jakarta, March 18, in bloodtype A Rhesus + as a premature baby (7½ MOS in momma's womb, born as 2.3 Kg). She had started her kindegarten at 2, spent her colorful-alay life on Bogor and finished her high school at 17 in Tangerang. They moved to Pasuruan, and now she lives in Malang.

In Enneagram, she described as a Fourth (4th) with MBTI Type INFP. Her dominant temperaments are Phlegmatic-Melancholy.

Afifah might be a bit questionably and brandal, but she consciously prefers Islam as her way of life and fights to fit in. She is not an intellectual, just a mathematical-romance enthusiast. She is not a scientist, just a natural universe's big fan. She is not a physician, but she knows how to be healthy and optimalizes metabolism. She is not a veterinarian, just an all animal friendship. She is not a craftsman, she just glad to design her own bedroom and wardrobes, also enjoy sketching anything. She is not a chef, just passionably eat and cook. She is not a musician, just playing violin or piano to break a boredom, and solemnly listening rain rhythms. She is not a teacher or a lecturer, she just love to educate and educate to love. Afifah just doesn't like a bound or limitation which is not supposed to be. Nevertheless, she is not an aimless one, she knows exactly where to step ahead.

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  • Work
    • Mathematics Assistant in Kumon
  • Education
    • Universitas Muhammadiyah Malang