Afiq Farhan

Student, Director, and Designer in Johor, Malaysia

Hi everyone! I’m Afiq Farhan. I’m a student and currently living in Johor, Malaysia. I am a fan of music, gaming, and football. I’m also interested in Hockey and food.


Actually I'm not a serious person because I like to play around and tease everyone around me. I also a bit shy person because I dont know what want to say and sometimes I think people get boring with me. I have a talents in making video, film, poster and photography. People around me appreciate my talents because they dont know how to make it and they ask me for help to make it for them.


The important things to me is myself. If I cant handle myself, it was a big problem to me. I need to advice and motivate myself to be more brave and confident in whatever things I do. If I not brave to make something new, I will not gain a better for myself in the future.


How to support me? Easy. Give me a motivate and moral. Dont let me down. Be a person that can hear my problem.

  • Education
    • Universiti Putra Malaysia