Nur Afiqah Ahmad

Student in Selangor, Malaysia

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Hello there ! I'm Afiqah. i'm studying at University Putra Malaysia and currently pursuing my degree in Bachelor of Science with Honor Major Mathematics. ➕➖➗✖️Feel free to ask me any questions about mathematics as i will answer it IF i know the answer. Hehehe.😜

So firstly, i'm a very simple person. Many people find me arrogant because i don't like to smile. Sometimes i just feel awkward to smile at random people 😂. But don't worry once you know me then you will know how crazy i am. 😆

What is the most important to me? Of course my family ! My family is everything to me. I don't think i can live without my family 😭. They always support me in everything i do❤. Not to forget my friends which always there for me whenever i'm in sorrow and despair. 🌸

How to support me? KEEP CALM AND STAY COOL 😎

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    • Universiti Putra Malaysia