Amir Fite

Hello! My name is Amir and I am currently a college student at Towson University. I recently transferred from Montgomery College - where I received my Associates Degree this past fall (2014) . This is my first semester at Towson and I am majoring in communications. My educational goal is to earn my Bachelors degree in communications and minor in mass communications, or vice versa. Mass communications specifically interests me because it intrigues me to know how and why a media is being mass produced. After I graduate I would like to work either in the music industry or potentially another field doing Marketing. I also have an entrepreneurial spirit, so I see my self owning my own business(s) as well in the future. Along with my studies I am also apart of the Executive Board for Towson's Real Estate Club. This summer I will be getting my Real Estate License and I am excited to expand my growth within the field. When I am not in school or doing homework, I like to have a good time and great conversation, hang out with friends, make music, meditate, take photography and videography, read, travel, work out, and volunteer. In the past I have volunteered at DC Capital Food Bank, DC Central Kitchen, Habitat For Humanity, Rainbow Place Women's Homeless Shelter, and S.O.M.E. I find that volunteer work is not only rewarding for those that I am servicing but also myself. Seeing the reaction from some of the people I am helping, helps me become a better-more empathetic and grateful person. It truly inspires me to not take anything for granted and to be someone who works hard so that I can continue to help people that will hopefully keep the karma going and help others as well.

Some of my favorite medias include: comedy, drama, informative, and scary movies/tv shows. Musically I like all kinds of genres - Electronic, House, Hip-Hop/Rap, Instrumental, R&B, Rock & Roll, Basically anything (as long as it sounds good). As far as literature self help books are by far my favorite. I really like learning how to improve as well as know more about myself.

I'm always open and willing to meet new people, that is part of the reason why I am so interested in communications. I know that networking, learning from and experiencing things with others is not only something I enjoy but also an important part of life. Besides that I am also a very eager, outgoing person who seeks to use everyday to grow as person - in pursuit of becoming the best me I can be.