Forrest Jones

A, Forrest "Tripp" Jones, III, is a journalist based in Coral Gables, Florida. With over 15 years experience working at financial newswires, daily newspapers and monthly business magazines, Jones has published stories that have provided readers with unrivaled insight into the complexities of finance, marketing, politics and economics. Jones has lived in Venezuela and Chile working as a financial journalist. In Latin America, he provided real-time news reporting on politics, economics and various other business beats, regularly moving financial markets. Jones also coordinated coverage of three presidential elections (Argentina, Chile and Venezuela). Jones has also held the position of News Editor at Latin Trade magazine in Coral Gables, Florida, where he devoted a great deal of time writing and editing many feature-length and award-winning business articles. He also helped launch a publication on wealth management and luxury lifestyles printed in Spanish and Portuguese. Jones holds an M.B.A. from the Thunderbird School of Global Management and a B.A. from Hampden-Sydney College in Virginia. He speaks fluent Spanish, has a working knowledge of Portuguese, and is an expert at conveying the complex nuances of global economics and business to both general and more investor-savvy audiences.