Iris Salmins

I am an idependent Aflac agent serving Houston and the surrounding areas.

If you are similar to many people that I meet in Houston, you love Aflac's crazy duck commercials. That's great, but do you really know what Aflac can do for you, your family or your company's employees?

Aflac pays cash directly to its policy holders. Aflac is different from health insurance. It's insurance to protect from disruption of financial lifestyles when a catastrophic event happens to individuals or families.

For some people in Houston, catastrophic events might mean canceling a vacation, a special purchase, home improvement or depleting money being saved for education or retirement. For others in Houston, it could mean not having money for food, gas, car payments, mortgage, rent, heating, air-conditioning, etc....

If a husband is hurt or ill, the wife may also lose time at work to care for him or visa versa. If a child is sick or hurt both spouses may lose time at work. If there is a serious sickness or injury, there are unexpected out of pocket expenses as well as the normal monthly bills that need to be paid.

The cash recieved from Aflac can be used in any way that the policy holder desires. Aflac has a disability policy as well as other policies such as hospital, accident, critical care, cancer, life, vision, dental and more.

I also have an art business with my husband.

Abstract paintings Houston

Contemporary landscape paintings Houston

Oil painting restoration Houston

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