Alexander Fluken

I had a TI-82 graphing calculator in high school for my calculus and physics classes. It didn’t take long to figure out that I could learn how to program on it using BASIC. I was quickly on my way to hello world, scrolling text displays, animations, and programs designed to solve advanced equations. The following year in a business computing class we had a web design assignment. Figuring out that the HTML editor created a lot of bloated code, I dropped the code into notepad and cleaned it up. From there, I continued to design the site with HTML bypassing the HTML editor.

I enrolled in Computer Science program when college came along. General Education classes out of the way first, I was enjoying business, history, meteorology, and economics. I still found time to tinker with technology and software while spending time read books such as “Fire in the Valley” due to being captivated by the history of technology businesses. My inquisitive mind and interest in problem solving led me to wrap up my undergraduate degree in Economics.

Whether earning spending money in HS or working my way through college, I had a knack for working with people. Management could see that I had a natural ability to solve problems for customers so I would regularly get placed in escalation roles. I held a couple of sale jobs in the first few years following college before landing in a technical account management role.

I dive head first into every challenge offered. Beyond managing relationships and growth of my assigned customers, I’ve lead new customer implementation, on-boarding, and training. I’ve presented at seminars and trained customers around the world. I’ve become a subject matter expert and continue to study technologies including SQL, advanced excel functions, and client-server structures.

There’s a harmony between work and life outside of the office. I’m a barbeque specialist in the backyard, a sideline soccer coach in the fall, an amateur golfer when my father-in-law is in town, and a guitar player on rainy days.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, or by email