Afolabi Adekaiyaoja

United Kingdom

International Relations Student

Part-time Writer and Aspiring Diplomat

I'm interested and genuinely intrigued in fixing social problems in Nigeria and Africa in general. I've been trying to groom myself to potentially serve in positions of authority in the future, as I believe that these are usually the best chances to make effective change. I'm particularly driven by health issues, education, poverty alleviation, social policy and administration, sports and travel.

I'm currently a Final Year International Relations student at Queen Mary, University of London where I am the Vice-President of the Model United Nations Society and President of the African and Caribbean Society.

I am a firm believer in Education and Diplomacy being the most potent tools in achieving progress. I also write, read and watch movies and host operas and concerts in my bathroom in my spare time.

Do message me concerning ideas, JOB OPPORTUNITIES, articles, movies, plans for world domination and for answers to why my Amazon deliveries keep going to the Halal shop across the street.

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    • Loyola Jesuit College
    • Queen Mary, University of London