Jessica {Jessa} George spent 25 years dealing with an unhappy tummy, and struggled with finding a balance in her life. It wasn't until 2006 when she met her best friend living in Colorado that she was able to begin her journey to finding a happy tummy point.

In 2011 Jessa moved back to her hometown of Mechanicsburg Pennsylvania where she was surprised at how much improvement she had made in living a healthy and active lifestyle. She joined a gym and began a strength training and cardio based workout 5-7 days a week and continually made adjustments to her diet as she was inspired by other healhty lifestyle blogs. Jessa also began seeing the importance of writing down her goals and celebrating once she achieved each milestone.

Jessa has learned so much by changing her lifestyle and loves the opportunity to share her passion with others. She has also created harrisburg fit foodie wannabies and beyond in the process. HFFWB is a local group based in Harrisburg that brings the novice and advanced foddie together who share in wanting to live a healthy+active lifestyle. You will also find her blogging about new workouts, meals {recipes that love your body} and sharing resources to make the jouney more enjoyable at happytummypoint.