Revolution Resource Recovery

Waste Disposal in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

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Revolution Resource Recovery is a BC owned and operated company with 27 years of experience finding unique solutions to different recycling and disposal issues. One of their state-of-the-art resource recovery parks can be found in Vancouver, and is offering sorting and recovery of recyclables and organic waste.

Revolution Resource Recovery's recovery rates are among the highest in North America. Unlike most companies who are only able to turn food scraps into compost, Revolution Resource Recovery can also transform them into renewable energy, organic food ingredients, fish and animal feed, and more.

Creating your own customized recovery plan is simple with the expert consultants of Revolution Resource Recovery. They will help you design a system to separate, collect and recycle your waste, while keeping your individual needs and your budget in mind. You can count on them for an effortless and cost effective solution.

Revolution Resource Recovery can handle organic waste, food scraps, yard waste and paper products. They can also offer you their services for single stream recycling, mixed paper, and commingled recycling. Their goal is to meet your needs, and to help you succeed by offering you ongoing solutions and advice.

They will also provide you with all the equipment you need, and they will customize it specifically for you. You can count on them for great service when it comes to scheduled pickups of totes and bins, and unscheduled hauling of larger containers.

The Revolution Resource Recovery parks are the only licensed facilities in British Columbia that are able to accept organic food material in compostable bags and plastic bags. They can process the bags and their contents separately, which is part of why they have such high recovery rates.

Revolution Resource Recovery also has the unique technology needed to process pre-consumer food waste. Any food or beverage products in boxes, cans or plastic wraps can be de-packaged, and then transformed into animal feed, fertilizers or renewable energy. Your expired, recalled and excess packaged food products can now have a second life instead of ending up in landfills.

Revolution Resource Recovery

460 E Kent Ave S

Vancouver, BC V5X 2X7

(604) 323-2753