Joe Foley

Oahu, Hawai'i

One of my favorite disguises dons a jacket, a tall hat and has an array of tools to help exact his will. If your thinking along the lines of a cook, your right (though if you were thinking bruce wayne that's also good) but the cook is an artist and the diligent crafter of good eats- he has flexibility in his cuisine, job location and best of all is practiced in all senses. Albeit, if I told you this was my favorite, It wouldn't be the whole truth. I'll tell you my favorite: It is the person who dons a cumbersome pack, with a grin on his face, pen behind the ear and a thumb in the air, waving down a ride to the next destination. It is the travelling writer seeking experience from the open road. The traveler encompasses all details of my passion, including those that appeal to my dedication to cuisine- the exploration, the unknown, the new, the provocative...but wherever I've stepped, had a meal, hitched a ride to or slaved over a hot grill, the constant attraction I've always sought is the glory of food and good times! No matter what kitchen I've graced, what divey-subterranean bar I've snacked at or any overpriced- chandeliered-delicatessery I've savored, its always been to understand, to learn and discover. The food of the gourmand cook is the food of knowledge and growth. The passion of the free spirit is the search for new and the exciting-for me this is a match made in the books and is the very reason I am on the road. This is what satisfies me; the hunt and the quest!

I began cooking at a cafeteria in a military-boarding school I attended named Randolph Macon Academy, located an hour west of Washington DC, in the Shenandoah mountains of Virginia. My experience there was an all together not-too-bad kind of gig (in retrospect); it was early mornings and marching around in our crisp outfit of navy blues. I was assigned the the only paid position granted for students, The Captain of the Mess. It was rather a good experience for my young self; I managed a squad of table cleaners and food servers and on the occasion, held special formal functions for alumni such as galas and banquets.

I graduated with a merit from the National Honor Society with a core emphasis in Spanish language and advanced English honors. Afterwards, I pursued college in many locations over the years throughout my trips and sojourns and have won myself two associate degrees in applied sciences from Northern Virginia Community College

  • Work
    • Student, Chef, Writer
  • Education
    • Dual Associates of Applied Sciences, High School DIploma