Alejandro Fernández

Los Angeles, California u.s.A.

Alejandro was born and raised in Bogota, Colombia, Alejandro has always been involved in the racing community. Starting at a very young age and for many years Alejandro raced BMX with his brothers. After many accomplishments in the BMX world, Alejandro decided to take on a new racing journey. This new journey would start on his sixteenth birthday when he asked for a go-kart. On February 2012 he set his first laps ever, with no experience behind the wheel. As he explored karting his driving skills dramatically improved. Over the months Alejandro has developed a profound love for the world of motorsports.

After couple of years of rest Alejandro decide to start a new racing journey. He decides to get a go-kart for his 16th birthday from his family. He started racing go-karts February 2012 with no experience what so ever behind a wheel. With a limited amount of race craft he had in his first race, he was in the back of the field however slowly but surely he improved on all aspects such as: vision, car control, data analysis, feedback, proper race line under wet or dry conditions and lastly but not least his driving skills which only continues to grow. He started to practice and compete more and more and a year later in the same championship with the best driver of the states, Alejandro left with a podium position and a heavy favorite to win the championship. Over the months Alejandro has developed a profound love for the sport.

When the helmet comes off, Alejandro enjoys doing what most teenagers do; spending time with his family and friends, playing soccer, snowboarding, mountain biking and R/C cars. Balancing a busy racing life, alongside school and personal life can be challenging for anyone. However, Alejandro manages to maintain high academic honors classes and still remains a part of the AP Honor Roll at Citrus Valley High School.


Alejandro Fernández, piloto de automovilismo, nació en Bogotá, Colombia el 26 de enero de 1996. Actualmente se encuentra radicado en San Bernardino, Californía en los Estados Unidos, donde estudia en la preparatoría de Citrus Valley High School.

Desde el 2012 Alejandro Fernández ha competido en diferentes categorías. En dicho año tuvo la posibilidad de participar en campeonatos como Challenge of the Americas, California ProKart Challenge, de igual forma el SKUSA ProTour, Interntional Karting Federation (IKF), entre otros. En tanto en el 2013, hizo parte de la grilla del

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