Andrew Frame

Mill Valley California

Andrew Frame

Mill Valley California

I'm American by birth but "the natural" by nature. My true homes are the diamond, Maine, my bed, and Boyle Park. I am calmest in my garage grooving my swing. I am edgiest when I am performing in front of people or taking tests. I value school and sports very highly but take my my relationship with my little brother very seriously too. I need the golden hour on a beach, the nervous parents cheering in the crowds, and to hear the crack of a bat. I need a place where everyone's happy, to be close to both urban and rural land, and to have loyal, honest friends. I need happiness more than success and more sports than music. I, therefore, choose to live in a beautiful town, Mill Valley, where everyone knows each other and everyone feels like they are part of the community.

I was named Andrew for no specific reason other than that my parents really liked the name. I know that the name Andrew became well known because of the saint named Andrew who ironically is the patron saint of fishermen. I love to fish.

I chose the blazing badger as my animal because one of my best qualities is my speed. I know that badgers run around super aggressive eating most things they see. I can relate to this because of how I play sports. I am known for my ability to put everything I have on the field when I'm playing . I also know that badgers usually travel in packs. This relates to me because I only play team sports and rely on my teammates for support.

My favorite hobby is fishing.

My favorite food is steak.

My favorite song is Forever.

My favorite recording artist is Drake.

My favorite place is Maine.

My favorite movie is Pineapple Express.

My favorite quote is "Winning isn't everything it's the only thing".

My two performance goals are to maintain a 3.7 or higher every semester and to bat above .300 for four straight years on varsity. To accomplish these goals I will always spend an hour more on homework or on baseball than I think I need to spend and to prioritize school and baseball over everything else except maybe my family.

The words, "We do not remember days, we remember moments," is a quote that I use to remind myself to not get caught up in the everyday stresses and to live in the moment more.

If I could spend time with anyone in the world I would spend time with Stephen Curry because he is the most exciting and consistent pro athlete and he seems like a really nice guy.

  • Education
    • Tamalpais High School