Anthony Freeman

I have endured an existence upon this garden world for the past 18 years. In this time, I have come to learn, to love, to hate, to despair, and find some form of meaning in the havens of humanity engulfing this planet. The literature of the humans on this world has proven quite interesting to myself, and I often find myself reading, not out of a means to find more information pertaining to survival but for simple enjoyment. This abnomaly among has grown to the point where I have even gone as low as to try my hand at creating works of literature to spread upon the holy base earth.

My family is scattered and fragmented, yet those who remain are strong in bond while equally of opposition to one another. Despite these bonds, some would appear to be destined to destroy themselves while others carry on into the future of their definitive existence.

The longer I stay upon this blessed Earth, amongst the throngs of humanity, the more cynical and sarcastic I become, yet these "negative attributes" are mitigated, to some extent, by the adopted morals of what some may term as chaos for betterment without concensus of the greater whole. My presence here has also adopted a certain attribute which humans view as "kindness"(although I view as pragmatic) that I apply to all but those who have proven undeserving, although the attribute also came with a distinct dislike for the truly nonsensical and pointless.