Afreen Ahmad

In the middle of nowhere.

Quite Dramatic. Passionate Writer. Pepsi Lover. Music Fanatic. Soft spot for books and movies with sad endings. Fairy tales. Potterhead. Directioner. Sheeranator. Demigod. I like bands- Sleeping with Sirens, My Chemical Romance, Green Day, All Time Low and a few more. Emma Watson. Logan Lerman. Demi Lovato. Draco Malfoy is amazing. 5 year old at heart. Travelling. Friends & Family. Aries. Beauty in hidden things. Lyrics with meanings. Thrillers. Poetry. Depth. Ocean. Aqua Blueish Greenish something is my favorite color. Secrets. Snowy Owls. Kittens that look like a ball of cotton fluff. Rain. Cold. Snow. Roses. The Dark. John Green. People call me awesome but you could call me Afreen or Freenster or Dory. Yeah, because swag. Making history since '99.
Dream, Chill, Live, prop your hands behind your head and breathe.

Feel free to email me if you ever need to talk.

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