Miriam Mannak

South Africa

I am a freelance journalist, photographer and foreign correspondent in South Africa (Cape Town). Born in The Netherlands (1977), I grew up in Angola and Rwanda. This is where my passion for Africa came about, hence why I moved to South Africa in 2004 as a journalist.

Before my relocation, I traveled and lived abroad for many years. The countries on my list include Canada, China, Turkey, Tunisia, Ghana, Vietnam, Zimbabwe, Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), Rwanda, Gabon. the US (Michigan, New York) and Israel.

Education wise, I have degrees in journalism (2000), American Studies (2004) and International Development Studies (2004). All were obtained at Universities in The Netherlands.

I started working as a journalist in 2002 for a Dutch national newspaper. I was studying American Studies and International Development Studies at the time. I moved to Cape Town in 2004 to work as a reported for a local newspaper and went freelance in 2007. Currently, I am working as a journalist and foreign correspondent from Cape Town for various national and international media. Please have a look at my website for more information..

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    • Foreign correspondent
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    • Masters Degree