Africrema Coffees

Burundi Bukeye

A cornerstone of the Wilatta direct trading business model. Enjoy this super unique coffee from the Buhorwa Washing Station, in Bukeye Commune, Muramvya Province, Burundi. Buhorwa is the second highest altitude station in Burundi, and you'll find that signature high altitude sweetness popping out brightly in this bean, through sweet juicy hints of orange and subtle snippets of vanilla.

•Honey and caramel •Holy grail full of cardamom spice •Smooth and juicy, •Complex and calming

Uganda Bugesu

Truly small-scale farming and small-scale processing, grown on small family-owned plots of land on the slopes of Mt. Elgon (Kenya- Uganda border). Farmers hand-pick the ripe and red coffee "cherries" and within hours the fruits are pulped in small batches via hand- powered pulpers and small washing/fermentation bins in farmers' backyards (as opposed to a central washing station where farmers bring their coffee for third-party processing) before natural drying under the sun. The remaining dried "parchment" around the green coffee bean is removed down the mountain in the town of Mbale. Ready-for-roast green beans are then transported by truck across the Uganda-Kenya border at Malaba and across Kenya to the port of Mombasa; shipped by sea to US.

•Classic Bugisu flavor profile •Beautiful natural sweetness medium acidity •Well balanced chocolaty and fruity cup. •Great for all drips and Espresso

Uganda Kapchor

Kapchorwa, perched high on Mt. Elgon and along the northern edge of Eastern Uganda's Bugisu region, is quickly emerging as one of the country's most sought after high-altitude growing regions. This is a fully- washed Arabica, and it was pulped, fermented, washed and dried at the Kapchorwa Washing Station, between Sipi Falls and Kapchorwa Town. Kapchorwa coffee is grown on small family-owned plots of land and brought to the washing station