Mehreen Afridi


Honored with National Youth Award by Governor KP Shaukatullah on 13th August , 2013, due to her struggle for development of FATA Youth.

Miss. Mehreen Rauf Afridi, who is a Scholar, Youth right activist, Volunteerism and leadership mentor , Founder and Chairperson of FATA Youth Forum ,Ex. Youth Governor FATA at National Youth Assembly and founding member of Takra Qabahil Khowandi (Brave Tribal women)
She is pioneer to organize and motivate FATA youth to involve them in development processes, she had started her efforts in March 2012 to unite FATA youth and motivate them to come forward and take part in development of FATA , Her words which forced FATA youth to think about themselves are “it is the high time that FATA Youth step up to ensure a better tomorrow, much work needs to be done , A revolution is necessary specially education revolution to redirect FATA towards better future, Youth of FATA is the last hope of this revolution, no one will come from out side to develop us we have to stand for it to give better future for our coming generation because Youth is the agent of change and education is the key to success , they are the makers and pillars of tomorrow world.” For this purpose she deliver the lectures , round table discussion and meetings with different fata students federations, student organizations and all other youth from FATA to unite them and bring them on a single agenda and platform for youth development of fata and in the response of that efforts thousands of FATA Youth gathered and FATA YOUTH FORUM has been made under leadership of Miss Afridi . She was elected the 1st President of the forum.
One of her Remarkable achievement for FATA Youth is proposal of FATA Youth Policy under the umberella of FATA Youth Forum and approval of Youth Policy for FATA from Governor Khyber Pukhtunhwa on 30th January 2013, another great achievement is that on her proposal and struggles Directorate of youth affair FATA has been established in FATA secretariat, before this no such dept and authority was there for the youth of FATA, another milestone which she achieved is that because of her proposal, advocacy and struggle the work on establishment of FATA Youth assembly under governor house KP in collibration of FATA secretariat, PILDAT and FATA Youth Forum has been started, .

  • Education
    • MS , Research Scholar