Afrikanation Mziki

Nairobi Kenya

Afrikanation Mziki is a group of gifted youths who have a passion for music and art and believe inmusic as a major tool of communication. It’s a combination of different art groups namely the S.P.J crew, Hip Hop Duet and individualswho merged to form Afrikanation Mziki.Despite us doing music primarily for the Kenyan Market, we also are aiming at capturing the African continent and beyond. We want to use music and art as a tool for uniting the African Countries into one Nation thus Afrikanation and also using music and art as a tool to showcase the positive side of the African Youth.The group was formed in the year 2011 with the sole objective of doing music and promoting art in general but as time moved on more ideas were incorporated and in future we are anticipating to being the next Universal or Motown Records. Since its formation, Afrikanation has worked with different music producers and attended different art and music forums; this has enabled us to grow both lyrically and professionally and given us a chance to showcase our music and interact with other players in the trade.

We mostly do hip-hop and rap music but our style of music is quite diverse with a background from different cultures and other music genres. A truly gifted artiste is a talented and flexible individual with a creative mind and him or she can be able to jump on any track or style of music and represent in full and we are no exception, so our fans out there should expect a lot more from us. We are here to serve.

Afrikanation Mziki started recording music as from mid-2012 and up to date there are five songs to the Afrikanation title namely; Dance tu, Streets are Talking, Number one, Mara Io and BabyBoo of which are to be released as from January 2014. The music was done at different recording labels namely Hypemasters, Big Beats Afriq and Unerdawg Productions where we are currently recording more songs for our first album NUMERIQ.

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