Angela Froelich

Sub Teacher in Tampa, Florida

Angela Froelich


(2012 -​ Present)

District School Board of Pasco County

Substitute Teacher

Available upon request (short notice accounts for 70% of these requests) for Substitute Teacher assignments within the Pasco County

School District. I teach K - 12, which includes ESE (Autistic, Gifted and EBD) classrooms. I know/use sign language.


• I have subbed for over 75 teachers, 12 schools and 13 grades.

• This position requires superior flexibility, versatility and dependability.

• Some days, I represent three different teachers; other days, I am a floater and visit 6 different classrooms.

• I teach grade appropriately (1st grade Math, 8th grade Algebra and 12th grade Calculus).

• Requires high understanding of all subject areas from Spanish, Social Studies, Language Arts, Algebra, P.E. and Science.

• High level of adaptability; can teach government to high school students one day and basic Math to first graders the next.

• I have subbed for Teachers, Instructional Assistant's, P.E. coaches, Intensive Reading Teachers, Dropout Prevention Teachers,

“Talk” Program Teachers and ESE Teachers.

• My classroom exposure has included ESE, EBD, EMH, ASD and Special Education.

• I have taught all subjects: Math, English, Science, Music, PE, Art, Chemistry, Journalism, Language Arts, Agriculture, Spanish,

History, Social Studies, Geometry, Gifted classes, Reading, Culinary, Business, OJT, Vocational and Drama.

School (2010 - Present)