Lex van der Heijden


Experienced Prince2 & PMI certified Project Manager with over 30 years of experience in international ICT. Takes responsibility for a successful project with a human focus. Leadership positions within IBM and non-profit organisations. Worked in and with international teams(USA, Europe & India).

Strong in structurering and reorganisation (such as the 4th Project Manager to finish an out of control project successfully). I’m targeted, can switch quickly and am an initiator (eg. wrote IBM Project Management Handbook).

My ambition is to lead projects in international environments, mentoring, Project Management Consultancy and act as Crisis Manager and Change Manager.

I am a bridgebuilder/networker, work independently, display a high-level of drive and perseverance combined with an eye for detail, I am able to make well-balanced decisions and deliver work of a high-quality level.

My knowledge and experience are best utilised in an (international) environment where the human factor plays an important role. Developing myself constantly, both regarding ‘hard’ as well as ‘soft’ skills, is important for me. I did finish in May 2015 for instance 3 years of study for Holistic Therapist. I've learned and experienced a lot about myself and human behaviour!

PMI and Prince2 Practitioner certified.

My private passion is helping people with rare diseases. I’ve founded in 1997 a worldwide non-profit patientorganisation CMTC-OVM. The reason for raising this organisation is my daughter.

What is really important in life? It's all about people ...

I'm more than my thinking ... I'm more than my body ... I'm more than my feelings ... I'm Lex!

Where am I going to live and work? These are challenging questions for me right now. On one side it scares me and on the other side I feel excited!

  • Work
    • Available for Hire
  • Education
    • PMI Certified. Courses at Stanford Univeristy USA, etc.