Afry Amry


Afry . 24 years old. Stay together with my family in a small town surrounded by a very comfortable atmosphere .

I am a very patient, kind man who is sometimes very aggressive and agile .

Loved challenging. I liked it right because I dared challenge and worked hard for what I wanted.

I'm very perfectionist , creative and love to influence people in a positive way . I love pretty vintage things because things have sentimental value .

I dreamed about friendship are together helps drop up , when I'm sad , when I boredom and most importantly I feel enjoy with him . I'm very hate hypocrites , backstabbers , and interferes with the right to privacy without permission.

About love that i've dreaming about is I want patience , honesty , integrity , fairness , integrity , trust, ethics , civility , charismatic , and tolerant of each other . I want to enjoy life with some one i want to be and have a contract to live . Pledge for relationship . This is the valuable for me . Love is Holy . I'm willing to wait a long time to wait for the right person in life. Periods.

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    • Diploma In Multimedia Applications