Afshana Sharmin

Dhaka, Bangladesh

Hello World!

I am a Corporate Branding professional with over 8 years of experience in fields of integrated marketing communications and branding. Over the course of my career I have focused on creating and designing extensive visual identiy for clients ranging from the world's largest NGO such as BRAC to leading pharmacuticals company like LabAid Pharma & worldwide Electrical Technology manufacturer PowerUSB. Over the years, I have helped my clients all over the world to communicate their brand value for various products and services.

During last eight years I played functional roles such as:

Brand & Visual Strategy Planning

Logos & Brand Development

Corporate Identity & Branding Guidelines

Brand Architecture Development

Market segmentation

Market penetration analysis

Market positioning

USP Planning

Bulk Marketing, Blast & Viral Brand Campaigns

Marketing campaigns & Advertisement Budget Planning

Formulating Integrated marketing communications strategies

Conducted product launch & promotion

Created promotional strategy and tools

Worked with national Print Media & Advertising

Developed RDC & TVC

Created Computer Graphics Design for Packaging & Printed materials

Applied ATL , BTL and TTL activities as per Event Plan

Prepared annual CSR & CRM plans as per Brand Strategy

PR & Copywriting

Brand Managers has no Industry boundaries to work with the increasing globalization of brands.A brand manger can work for any industry. effective brand management in differentiating products & services, has become even more essential. Though "Strategic Brand Management" deals with the concept and practice of brand management in its totality. Different industries need different type of value to gain customers loyalty .

  • Work
    • Brand Consultant
  • Education
    • MBA, Marketing Management