After School

Pledis Entertainment, Seoul, South Korea

Afterschool is Korean's girlgroup formed on 2009 with members Kahi Jungah, Bekah, Soyoung, and Jooyeon. They debuted with 'AH!' and then known as Korean's Pussy Cat Dolls because of their strong, sexy, and mature image. Then they continued with single 'Diva' with new member Uee added. Their best single so far was Because of You in 2009 again, which was Nana and Raina added but Soyoung graduated. Late in 2010, Lizzy joined the group and then 'Bang!' released. It had a drumline concept, which was Kahi's idea. 2011, they continued with released Shampoo and added new member E-Young, the most multitalented one. Shampoo also the last single Bekah was starred, because after that she graduated. Also in 2011, Pledis formed two sub-groups, AS Red and AS Blie. AS Red released In The Night Sky while AS Blue with Wonder Boy. Then in 2011, they focused on Japan debut with 'Diva', 'Bang', 'Rambling Girls' and 'Lady Luck'. 2012, leader Kahi graduated and Jungah became the new leader in their 5th Maxi Single : 'Flashback'. It reached all-kill on every chart and became nomination for winning in music show but unfortunately, it didn't. 2013 they continued their unique concept, pole dance who accompany the lead single, 'First Love'. Lizzy injured so she cant join the promotion, later Nana injured also. Currently, they released 5th Japanese Single 'Heaven' with 8 members on it. It already released at 2 October. Also, due to one fanacc, Juyeon said that AS' comeback might be on November, and it's almost confirmed. Let's keep supporting Afterschool!^^


Jungah (1983.8.2) leader, lead vocal, main dancer, rapper

Juyeon (1987.3.19) lead dancer, vocalist, rapper, visual

Uee (1988.4.9) main dancer, lead rapper, vocalist, visual

Raina (1989.5.7) main vocalist, rapper

Nana (1991.9.14) main dancer, lead vocal, lead rapper, visual

Lizzy (1992.7.31) main rapper, lead vocal

E-Young (1992.8.16) lead rapper, lead vocal, lead dancer

Kaeun (1994.8.20) maknae, lead vocal, lead rapper

(basically, all AS members are rapper)


Kahi (1980.12.25) former leader, lead vocal, lead rapper, main dancer, choreographer. Graduated on 2012

Bekah (1989.8.11) main rapp