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Anzu Futaba

Idol in Maryland

Anzu Futaba

Idol in Maryland

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I'm Anzu, it's nice to meet you!💗

I'm 14, Bisexual, and currently dating Calvin💕

I'm always available to talk so if you ever wanna vent or just want somebody to talk to feel free to shoot me a dm or kik me!💖

I kin with Anzu Futaba, Nico Yazawa, Kaede Sendoin, Sayaka Maizono, and Todomatsu Matsuno so if you could tag me as them i'd really appreciate it, but you dont have to.💓

My fandoms are: Love Live!, Battle Girl High School, I-Chu, Idolm@ster, Osomatsu-san, Dangan Ronpa, and Vocaloid.💜

The games i have are: Love Live! (JP and EN version), Battle Girl High School (JP and TW version), Idolm@ster: Cinderella Girls Starlight Stage, I-chu, & Neko Atsume💖

You can follow me on my Instagram @ourbestsmile

On my tumblr @maki-maki-maa

And you can contact me through kik @anzufutaba. (make sure to include the dot)💖

I hope we can become friends!❤