Andhyta Firselly Utami

When asked about the two top issues that become the drivers of Andhyta’s work on a daily basis, the answer would be forest and youth empowerment. From 9 to 5, she works from her desk as a Research Analyst for the World Resources Institute, a global environmental think-tank based in Washington D.C. After hours or during weekends, she spends more time on capacity building and advocacy activities related for young people through Indonesian Future Leaders, an organization her friends and she co-founded in 2009.

Graduated cum laude with a bachelor degree in International Relations from Universitas Indonesia last year, recently she has been convinced of the utmost importance of youth participation in decision-making processes. Therefore, in addition to taking a career in the sector, she also tries to engage youth through Parlemen Muda Indonesia (Youth Parliament Indonesia), a national movement aiming to increase youth’s involvement in democracy she chaired throughout 2013-2014.

Her contribution in both worlds later got her invited as the keynote speaker for Forests Asia Summit Youth Session 2014, participated by young professionals from all around the world.

Previously, she was also part of the Open Government Indonesia Secretariat under President’s Delivery Unit for Development Monitoring and Oversight of Indonesia. From there on, she regained faith on creating good governance and transparency for this country, starting from bureaucratic reform. She used to also help the Ministry of Energy and Resources with through their Energy Efficiency and Conservation Clearing House of Indonesia.

Andhyta also holds a long list of accomplishments, including the 3rd Prize of UNESCO-GOI International Essay Contest for Young People in 2012. During her time in college, she has directed numerous international and national Model United Nations conferences, while also winning several awards as a delegate. Recently, Andhyta was selected to represent Indonesia as the Head of State to Y20 Russia, where she spoke in person with President Vladimir Putin.

In her free time, she enjoys sitting down in a coffee shop while reading a good book or write (both fiction and non-fiction) on her blogs.