Ian White

Therapist in North Richmond, Australia

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I’m responsible for the development of psychotherapeutic methods that lead AWAY FROM the contemporary habit of ‘talking it all out.’ For thirty years I have followed the neuroscience of deeply buried affect (emotional) hard coding in the human subconscious that originates preverbally and is carried over into adult life.

My approach is bound into a group of therapies, under the banner of ‘Clinical Affectology’ that not only discourage autobiographical discussion, but prohibits it from the therapeutic encounter.

I am, what science would say is, an "affect patterning specialist;" that is, I am interested in defining the algorithms of the human unconscious as relating to stored preverbal learnings and memories that are beyond the ability to speak of (even in adulthood).

These (habitual) patterns exist now in some influential form, but are unable to be analyzed. Their FORM can be understood, but their detailed content --- never.

They are pure feeling-coded, with no verbal structure (affect-only).

That's my interest and my research, but my JOB is to help with the reframing and balancing of those reactive patterns, not using words and the 'talk method' of traditional psychotherapeutic counseling!

This is met with a shock-horror reaction from thought-jammed psychotherapists, but Af-x therapy and ECR – Emotional Core Reframing – have been accepted and successfully practiced by free-thinking practitioners throughout the world. More rewardingly, it has been accepted by the thousands of clients whose lives have been changed and enriched by these approaches.

It’s past time therapists, counselors, mental health professionals and psych mentors realize that ‘thoughts aren’t feelings, and feelings aren’t thoughts’. In the realm of core emotional structure, words are not enough ... and may very well be the gremlins in processing.

So, I have been called a leader in alternative methods of psychotherapy. That’s not to say alternative, as in metaphysics, but alternative as in “psychotherapy doesn’t work the way it’s supposed to, so let's develop an improved alternative?”

Developer of impending ECR approach (Emotional Core Reframing) - a hybrid delivery method using online preparation and personal engagement.