Rabiaa Afzal

Pakistan, Lahore

"It does not matter how slowly you go as long as you do not stop." - Confucius

Life is unfair. INDEED! It's true, now are you going to keep on complaining about it or change your perspective and go with it?

Howdy! I am Rabiaa & I have learned the art of acceptance: expecting nothing & accepting everything. Trust me, that's the only thing you need to learn to enjoy life and be happy. :)

No two humans on earth are alike, Knowing people stories without judging them is awesome, great learning experience & is inspiration for me.

Being a psychologist I possess extraordinary ​stress​​​ tolerance along with a high energy level means you will have to work hard to reach up to my frequency.:P

I love to explore new things whether its a new phone or a new place.

I am highly adaptable, can make my way out from any crises or difficult situations effortlessly..

  • Work
    • Business Coordinator
  • Education
    • M.Sc in Clinical Psychology
    • Bachelors in Business Administration Spealized in Human Resource.