Afzal Rahim Khan Yusufzai

media and Consultant in Pakistan

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An enthusiastic individual from Swabi (Khyber Pakhtunkhwa) PAKISTAN, Afzal Rahim is Recruitment Consultant & Certified Trainer. He is young & motivating facilitator, somebody who people listen and respond to with great interest. A Human Resource graduate; Afzal brings with him a diverse background that has seen both sides of the training world (trainee and trainer). He obtained his MBA in 2007, where he majored in Human Resource Management. Afzal is driven by passion and curiosity. He works with energy, joviality, passion, soul, integrity, humor, and flexibility.

His humble exterior and age doesn’t echo the crowds he has transformed. His maturity, complemented by his live heartedness and candor, enables him to reach out to people through his genuine interest in them. This capacity helps him create an environment of trust and respect – elements that is critical for any learning environment. As a facilitator he is able to excite peoples’ imagination and inspires them to strive for extraordinary achievements. He encourages participants to focus on their ability to become what they desire to be, by leveraging the power of human passion that is guided by a set of principles, values and ethics. He makes his audience believe in themselves with Allama Iqbal’s “Khudi” concept. Realistically! His aim is to develop inner discipline, greater resolve and empathy in people. Along with a trainer, he is a learner for life. Afzal enjoys learning new and improved methods of Training & Development and implements them to keep the HR Departments where he works, at par with the globalised world.

YLC (Young Leaders Conference) held in 2005 gave him a different perspective to experience life in his own way. He has attended a five day “Train the Trainer” by SoL, Navitus program and is an avid learner. He enjoys gaining knowledge from formal & informal sources to keep abreast of developments taking place in the field of Human Resource & Organisational Development. With a firm belief that experience is the best teacher, Afzal is forever ready to try new things. He has been part of various training and workshop sessions conducted by Navitus, SoL (School of Leadership) and IPSS (Institute for Peace and Secular Studies). His diligent, empathetic and encouraging personality stimulates determination in others.

He wishes to see a prosperous & employed youth

  • Education
    • MBA - HRM