aga marchewka

Lyon, France

My name is Aga and I am passionate about performance marketing, online space. I have 1001 ideas per minute and I am getting very enthusiastic about things I am doing!

I love voucher codes, discounts and a good bargain! That is why I used to work for the biggest voucher code Group in Poland: International Coupons.

I love the affiliate space that is why I have worked in the biggest UK affiliate networks: & Digital Window

I love travelling and that is why I worked for DaytripFinder & Dottourism as well! I am a passionate contributor to GirlsTakeLyon

I love photos, design, artists, bloggers and online space that is why I am a passionate contributore to Pixabay!

I am addicted to shopping! So I am ShopaholicAga who loves to shop from home.

I love exploring new cultures, places that is why once i moved to Lyon I created J'adore Lyon by Shopaholicfromhome where I discover Lyon, France, French lifestyle etc.

It has been amazing process to learn a bit more about blogging and social media.