Adam Gainer

Richmond, Virginia, United States

Adam Gainer is an internet marketing specialist and sky-diving enthusiast from Richmond, Virginia. Passionate about the study of how we communicate with each other in the ever-expanding world of technology, Adam attended Virginia Commonwealth University and graduated with a degree in Public Relations.

After completing his degree, Adam worked for a small public relations firm where his advanced knowledge of social media and online communities allowed him to successfully drive traffic to the firm’s new client an emerging web app, Springpad . With Adam’s help, the client was featured on multiple websites, including LifeHacker and Web Worker Daily. This generated so much traffic that the application’s servers crashed for weeks! The success of the campaign assured Adam of his calling to work in the digital realm.

Adam went on to work for Richmond’s Daily Planet, a non-profit dedicated to providing health services to the homeless or at risk. While at the Daily Planet, he helped establish social media policies and guide and shape their newly emerging web presence. Adam’s work then led to his return to Virginia Commonwealth University as a guest lecturer for graduate-level courses.

After that, Adam was hired for web project planning at Capital One Financial. There he worked on the web development team, creating new sites and supporting ongoing marketing campaigns. While at Capitol One, Adam learned the fundamentals of internet project management, web programming, and team management.

Currently, Adam is an employee (and founding member) of ChildFund International’s newly developed digital marketing department.

When not behind a keyboard, Adam spends as much time as possible skydiving and has hundreds of jumps under his belt. Besides that, Adam enjoys cooking, reading, traveling, and keeping up-to-date on current internet trends.