Sharon Againe

Sharon was a great academician during her school days where she attained full school bursaries on merit. She joined Agribusiness Management at Makerere Uganda for 4 months where she attained a full scholarship to EARTH University in Costa Rica. She did her junior-internship with Technoserve in Mozambique where she established strategies of marketing honey from small scale producers. After her studies at EARTH, she went to Colorado USA for post-internship with Allegro Coffee Company, subsidiary of Whole Foods Market Inc. Due to desire to serve Africa, she decided to return to Uganda and start-up Agasha Business Network online platform to promote small businesses. Sharon also works as a consultant in Agribusiness. Sharon's passion for travelling led her start up Greenline Safaris eco-tourism company that gladly serves people along Equatorial region. During her free time, she looks around for opportunities in real estate.