Writer, Teacher, and Artist in Санкт-Петербург, Россия

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Some ppl are like lighthouses, me too, but my light is dark for I'm bewithced by the gloomy and the mysterious.

This can be explained so: I'm the princess from Saturn raised by albino unicorns

I study languages for its the the best way to understand the structure of the world and to get to the very core of it

One day it will help me to go back home

Writing means seeing and hearing everything being in your private ivory tower

I create pastel and dusty worlds, they commemorate my cradle

If I were a song, it would be something made by cocorosy

Each word has its world

I draw when I want to die, I die when I draw

I like to lend the color to everything

I belive we all must be miserable for its the only way to become better

Learn to finish what I've started

Returning back to the dreams of my childhood