Archan Ganguly


iOS Design & Development (since 2009)


Objective-C & Cocoa

XCode & Instruments

Prepared estimation for iOS apps

Core Data, UIKit, Core Animation, Core Foundation, Core Audio, SpriteKit

REST integrations

Social API integrations: Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn


Toyota Motor Sales, Torrance, USA

Toyota Vehicle Service Manager: Archan won the 2nd place award @Toyota's Innovation Fair, 2011.

Designed and developed an iPAD app with the ability to scan VIN(vehicle idenfication number) BAR code, integrated with Amazon S3 storage to store repair order in pdf format & images, provided customers to sign on repair order using touch gesture, displayed pie chart for the vehicle type serviced per day/week etc.

iOS components leveraged: SplitViewController, XML over HTTP (REST) integration, GestureRecognizer, Custom written BAR code scanner

SunTrust Bank, Atlanta, US and India

Powered by IBM Bluemix mobile cloud services

Displays mortgage rates and bank account details

Displays transaction details

Sleek slide out (facebook like) menu

Integrated with REST APIs hosted on Node.js (running on Bluemix)

Push notification for account credit/debit via IBM Push services

In door navigation via iBeacon. Greets customers on entry into bank branch

iOS components leveraged: UIViewController, UINavigationController, UIScrollView, iBeacon Local notification, Push Notification, Gesture Recognizer

Manulife Insurance (Work in progress)

Develop an iPhone app for Manulife Insurance

Personal Project

Children Story book app

Complex children story app with animation and karoake sound over.

Ability to auto play and manual touch based navigation

Integrated with facebook and email

Please refer youtube link at the bottom for the app overview.


Developing using iOS 7's Sprite Kit framework.

Single player game

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