April and Glenn Gantner



It’s about the people that you meet along your journey

It’s about diving into experiences heart first & embracing life

& It’s about wellness – spiritual, physical & mental well being

Through this site, we wish to share our journey – to introduce you to the souls that we meet, to inspire you to take the leap that dwells in your heart & to share our passion for wellness.

A & G – The vision for our blog is to share our experiences through Peace Corps, travel, people & food. We desire to encourage others to discover and pursue the life they want to live. Most of our adventure posts for the next two years will be focused in Fiji, where we are serving as Community Health Facilitators for the Peace Corps. We can’t wait to share our journey with you!


To sum us up, we don’t wait for change, we create it. It’s sometimes scary and overwhelming but a vital component if one is to choose adventure. Choosing adventure in one’s life is more than traveling to remote places, living in another country or learning a new language. It’s as simple as talking to that stranger standing next to you, being agile with plans in travel, and most importantly choosing to participate in life.

We choose to learn from the past because it is from this pool of knowledge that wisdom might be discerned. Regrets are not regrets but life lessons.

We choose to live in the moment for not doing so can lead to numbness.

We plan for the future, with multiple paths, yet unknown trails are always welcome and are often the best!

Favorite Things: Learning about new cultures and meeting people. Staying in tune with foreign affairs.

Fears: Not being liked by someone. Having regrets.


his blog is about diving into life. It’s about challenging myself & inspiring others to take leaps that fill our lives with joy & light.

Glenn & I met during college in 2008. He and my brother were roommates & best friends (they still are besties). I knew instantly that he was my person – there was something about him that I knew I could never let go of. We love being together, exploring, and having fun. Glenn is a lot like a kid – super adventurous, curious about everything, and always eager to learn, see, & engage in life. He’s been a great influence on me, as I sometimes suffered from analysis paralysis as Glenn calls it – waiting to make sure a

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