Agape Water Solutions

System Manufacturing, Service, and Sales in Harleysville, Pennsylvania

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Agape Water Solutions, Inc., is a supplier, designer, and manufacturer of water treatment products and equipment for industrial water purification. Agape Water Solutions strives to purify water in an environmentally sound and affordable manner. For this reason, the company provides its clients reverse osmosis and electrodeionization equipment and modules, which use electricity to purify water by regenerating the ion exchange resin. Electrodeionization allows water to be treated without the addition of hazardous acids, chemicals, and caustics needed in a chemically regenerated mixed-bed ion exchange. Agape Water Solutions can provide its clients with custom-designed electrodeionization systems, which they also design and build for other water treatment companies.

Agape Water Solutions is the North American Master Service Provider for Ionpure, a leading producer of electrodeionization module technology. Located in Harleysville, Pennsylvania, Agape Water Solutions has the capacity and experience to manufacture many water treatment system products, such as ASME certified welded stainless steel piping, control panels, pretreatment, ultrafiltration, reverse osmosis, electrodeionization systems, and other types of membrane water technologies.

The company has a customer and technical service team ready to help any customer with their needs, including on- and off-site training, supervision, in-person and remote technical support, and provision of installation manuals and other necessary documents. Agape Water Solutions has displayed its products at the Water Quality Association’s Aquatech USA, International Water Conference, 2011-2018 in San Antonio, Texas, and at the Electric Power 2010 in Baltimore, Maryland and numerous other conferences. The company has also been featured in several publications, including Water Technology Magazine, Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine, and the featured on the cover of Ultrapure Water Journal.