Amanda Garrett

Houston TX

I'm a native Texan who just relocated to Brooklyn. I'm currently looking for a job in the public relations/communications field. I spent the past year working as an event planner at the only historic Black oriented talk radio station in Texas. I worked with management to execute external events to the community. Those duties including securing vendors and ensuring our events run as smoothly as possible. I established a social media presence for the station and used those platforms to promote events and interact with our listeners. I trained our staff on using Twitter, which resulted in our on-air talent realizing how many more people they could reach digitally. Management saw the good work I was doing and wanted to involve me more on the production side of radio. First, I was asked to write copy and do a voice over for a social media promotion. This led to me writing the copy for all of the spots (commercials) that needed to be recorded. I've done voice overs for a few local businesses, including Houston Independent School District. One of my short term goals to work in public relations in any capacity, preferably an agency. I'd like to find a mentor who can help me grow as a PR professional and as a person. Down the line I'd like to get my master's in communication studies and teach on the university level. Outside of work I'm an avid baker. I have a reputation for making the best cheesecake you've ever tasted using my dad's recipe. I enjoy doing the Texas two-step and hustle with my awesome dance partner. I love trying new foods, thrift shopping and taking naps on a Sunday afternoon.

  • Education
    • Texas State University