Harsh Agarwal

I am a student of International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme. I believe in jotting down instant thoughts and feelings which suddenly arises in our heart and mind. There's a deep meaning to that rather than writing something by thinking upon it. Colors of unfolded things can be discovered only when it doesn't have a logic behind. I like being myself and never distance myself from the truth and reality of life.I am a very care free person and very much happy-go-lucky kind of. I never mind on things going around me. I just try to make out the abstract philosophy behind those happenings. That's why I believe that the person's actions should be governed by self satisfaction and not by heavy ethics which may sometimes crumple one's own individuality. My best times are those when I am running with my thoughts and imaginations to bring forth something unique. Travelling is my passion. I never get tired. A person can't be introduced with few words. Still there's a lot more left which requires unfolding..!!!