Anthony Gaston

Aurora, IL

My name is Durell Anthony Gaston, but I prefer to go byAnthony. I was born in Mobile, Alabama and moved toChicago, Illinois at the age of 8 where I spent the next 20 years. I am currently living in Aurora, IL with my beautiful wife (Susan), our 22 year old son (Kenshiro), our five year old son (Elijah), and our three year old daughter Madeline. Susan and I were married on November 12 of 2005 in a beautiful ceremony only 12 years after meeting my wife. I know that is one long courtship, but here we are happily-ever-after. Marriage has completed our lives and finalized our relationship. Family update: Kenny has moved to Chicago to work and finish college, just sharing.

I have a plethora of other interests that I will not overwhelm you all with now. I decided some time ago that I would create a blog to share political, historical, and legislative ideas with you all and hope that we can have a productive interactions on various subjects including politics, science, American history, legislation, and a wide spectrum of other topics that establish the boundaries on which our lives are governed.

I assert that all of us should have reached an understanding that politics are important to our everyday lives because legislation and laws have a profound effect on what is possible and impossible in our lives. In the current political arena, rife with media-inspired confusion and political fluff, I have a great yearning for conversations and debates that are fact based and populous in nature. Mutually respective conversations can greatly aid in everyone grasping the problems confronting the vast majority of hardworking Americans. A wide ranged look at American politics, legislation, and data will provide a light by which we can make our way through the quagmire of fact-less corporate word-salad that strips the American Dream of its promise of equality, personal growth, and common ground cohesiveness.

I welcome the chance to learn from and with you all in our great American experiment. Party allegiance should not be a factor when talking about the common good for our nation. I am aoptimist that subscribes to the notion that with robust political conversations, we can establish a more informed voting populace and that is good for "small d" democracy. I hope this blog and all of its information and experiences are rewarding, enlightening, enjoyable and raise the level of the intellectual curiosity for everyone involved. Welcome!

  • Education
    • Bachelor of Information Technology