Dr Aga Szewczyk (aga s studio)

career coach, researcher, and Wedding and family Photographer in Bristol, United Kingdom

Dr Aga Szewczyk (aga s studio)

career coach, researcher, and Wedding and family Photographer in Bristol, United Kingdom

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I career coach, empower and guide a wide range of clients through their career transitions. My special focus is dedicated to:

1. International and mobile individuals, including PhD graduates and post-doctorates.

2. Individuals on autism spectrum.

Currently, I also coach students and graduates at the University of West of England in Bristol and work towards my formal Qualification in Career Guidance (QCG).

I am a member of Career Development Institute (CDI UK) and Association of Graduate Careers Advisory Services (agcas).

In addition I am a qualitative and visual researcher focused on personal narratives of mobile individuals, their shifting identities and career paths. I have several years of research experience gained through doctorate in migration and careers development of international graduates in the UK followed by post-doctoral research with research projects on diverse groups of graduates' mobilities and careers development in Canada and the UK.

My prevailing academic research themes influenced my diverse photography research projects. Currently, these embrace the connection between spaces, relationships, and emotions, with a focus on love and space.

It is the ‘spaces’ that fascinate me and the dynamics of changes occurring within them through individual’s interactions which are associated with love, affection and caring.

As the tide goes away it residues stones on the sand that make temporary imprints, until another tide comes in and allocates them to a different place. These are the micro changes that we barely notice and which occur in a liminal space.

This is what happens when a couple in love enters a beach, stands on the sand and shares with one another their love for each other. Their gentle space and time imprint lasts until the next tide of people washes away the loving soft embrace, gentle hair stroke, peck on the lips...

What remains?

My personal photo projects: www.agas.space

Wedding and Family Photos: www.agasstudio.com

...and please do get in touch if you feel we connect and would like to explore your next career steps with me :-)

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