Agata Hogan

Chicago, IL

Though a current resident of Chicago Illinois, my story begins in my home country of Poland, where I spent the first 6 years of my life. Though my dedication to work and family transitioned with my immigration to America, it's my beginnings, on farmland in Poland, that I attest my motherly and business instincts today. As I grew and finally entered the work force, most, it took me some time to truly find my niche. I worked what I would call odd jobs, meaning jobs that were strictly to pay bills, but not necessarily something I loved doing, or saw myself doing as a career. At one point, I was working for the D.O.E. (Department of Education) and making good money doing it....but just felt empty still. It wasn't until I met my husband and now father of my two children, that I found "My Groove" as he says, and began working towards building my own brand. What started as a simple business directory named Uvoyce, turned into an opportunity for me to extend my own brand and flavor on life, which eventually transformed our intial business into the Skyline Couture/Skyline Empire brand we run today. And, as is the case with us both, we bagan looking into other businesses that resembled our own, and throwing our weight behind them. Our most recent venture being the IT WORKS!! brand, that really does work.!! As time goes on, I'm sure that we will be investigating and throwing our support behind other great businesses that believe "You are NEVER bigger than your fans", and juggling our professional lives with our family life. But, as I stated above, because of my up bringing from my very beginnings, work and family are one in the same.

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