agata mouasher

Lecturer, Researcher, Education Designer in Gold Coast, Australia

No point describing myself without the larger context. So…

I believe we have a duty in this brief existence which we call ‘life’. When we achieve a knowing of ourselves (body & our mind), in the context of something greater (this part is often missed), we can contribute to a sustainable future, one that values more than vanity, greed, power, apathy and exclusiveness i.e. we have a responsibility to BE the change today that we wish to see in this world tomorrow.

I’ve tried to stay true to these principles with every major decision I’ve made. If it has purpose and meaning, and I believe in in it, I'm 100% plus the extra mile. As a result, I have never (and will never) work for anyone that does not embed genuine socially responsibility into strategy and bottom line. Also, I don’t believe 'sustainability' and ‘success’ are separable. So having a large bank account but a lonely heart is neither successful nor sustainable. Nor is being exalted by people at the cost of planet.

I have over 15 years commercial experience (Australia & South Africa), in higher and vocational education (private and public), large corporations, and small business. My career choices have included working as a business analyst in the finance industry, lecturing at a number of universities, co-founding a social enterprise, and sitting on various Educational Committees, Innovation Forums and Academic Boards.

I have a participative leadership style aimed at building trust and relationships, and a task-oriented management style aimed at strategic and operational levels. I believe in the power of adaptable, flexible and inclusive teams. My top values include purpose, integrity, and trustworthiness. I also speak 3 languages and understand 5.

On a lighter note, I love a good movie any day of the week, and good food any time of the day!

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