agata piekut


Psycholinguist with background in international communication for global brand in technology sector, I've been creating strategies for adapting to change for 10 + years.

I believe that business is the most powerful agent for dealing with social and environmental problems on our planet. And that if I want to see positive change in the world, first I need to help people with adapting to change. That's how SameChanges started, with a mission to empower everyone to turn changes into the quickest and most effective source of renewable energy that allows to see the opportunities in front of us and be prepared to act on them.

I'm also a founding member of Polish Association of Bloggers and Vloggers where I run international relations, tackling such issues as slacktivism and freedom of speech; and author of Hello Reputation, the first manual on managing reputation by implementing networking strategies published on Creative Commons licence (my way of paying forward to all the experts sharing their knowledge openly).