Agata Szkiela

Intercultural Business Communication Trainer in Warszawa, Polska

Agata Szkiela

Intercultural Business Communication Trainer in Warszawa, Polska

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Orient lover, traveler, freelance writer and photographer, translator and event organizer.

I have over 20 years of multicultural experience, including 15 years of career in diplomatic environment and UN and almost 10 years of work as a consultant and professional trainer of cultural differences in international business and cross-cultural communication.

In my life I was and still am involved in many cross-cultural activities. I was Deputy Chairwoman of the Polish-Japanese Association, Secretary of the Poland-Sri Lanka Friendship Association and member of the Polish-Chinese Friendship Association as well as Chairwoman of the Asia-Pacific Group of the Polish Forum of Young Diplomats.

I visited several dozen countries of the world, took thousands of photos and wrote many articles on the cultures and civilizations of the East. I traveled to Asia many times and left my heart there. The most memorable journey was definitely to China for the Olympics in 2008 as a representative of the Polish Sports Writers Association.

Interacting with different cultures is my life and is not only limited to Asia, especially that I am married to a Canadian. I studied Turkish at the Institute of Oriental Studies at the University of Warsaw and worked all together for almost 10 years at three Embassies of Muslim countries, so I know Islamic culture and customs very well.

I also studied European Integration at the Center of Europe at the Warsaw University and EU decision-making process at Vrije Universitat in Brussels and Diplomatic Academy in Vienna. I participated in many international sporting events in Europe and was involved in some cultural projects, including my longest one in Tampere, Finland. I am a co-author of a book on internships in the institutions of the European Union. I am very much familiar with cultural differences in European counties.

I love learning languages and when I have the chance I will always use it and learn the new one. In my life I learned English, Turkish, German, Japanese, some Russian, Arabic and even Thai. This knowledge helped me a lot during my travels and even saved me several times.

I translate, consult and give lectures on business etiquette and cultural differences in the world.

If you wish to learn something new, don’t hesitate to contact me. I am based in Poland, but I also work via Internet.

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