Agata Szkiela

Authentic Happiness - Flow Personality and Culture Transition Coach in Winnipeg, MB, Canada

Orientalist by education, interculturalist by passion and coach by profession with long multicultural experience, including 15 years in diplomatic environment and UN.

Intercultural communication and relocation trainer at Translating Cultures© since 2005 and Happiness, Positive Mindset and Culture Transition Coach for international female professionals at Authentic Happiness Abroad© since 2016.


With my passion for different cultures and positive psychology I created a unique holistic coaching model that blends life concepts from Japan and Scandinavia with positive psychology tools and other modalities that are in alignment with my own personal values and strengths.

Since childhood, nature was a very important part of my life. I still spend a lot of mindful time outside enjoying my time together with family. I experienced my first cultural shock during my first journey abroad when I was 5. Since then, I have never stopped being amazed by other cultures. Having a curious and observant mind allowed me to have a deeper and better understanding of the surrounding world and other cultures. As long I can remember, I also wanted to help people. No wonder that when I grew up, I first became a travel journalist and photographer, then an intercultural communication and relocation trainer and finally a positive mindset coach.

My signature strengths were always supporting me to fully embrace my unique potential. Having explorer as my main archetype only stronger empowered me to live a more authentic and more fulfilling life. I have always been open minded, tolerant, resourceful, adventurous, and amazed with what life has to offer. I live with the attitude that everything is possible, and the sky is the limit.

Thanks to my location independent coaching business I can realize all my passions: travel, learn and write about new people, new cultures and new things and capture that uniqueness through the lenses of my camera. It brings me happiness, freedom, authenticity and abundance and I want that for my clients. I want them to live without limits and enjoy life fully, to celebrate the smallest victories and be grateful for what they have, to be authentic and true to their values, to use their talents and strengths, to be free and fulfilled, so I empower them to ignite their passions, find their purpose in life and introduce daily rituals and powerful habits that will support them on their way to their own abundance despite of their cultural or other challenges.

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