Hi ! Let me introduce myself,

My name is Agathe and I'm 14 years old. I was born on the the fourteenth of September in the South West of France ; but now I live in a beautiful city near the Atlantic ocean.

I haven't got any brothers or any sisters. I live in a house with my two parents outside the town center.

Well, let's speak about my physical description and my personality!

I'm of average height and regular, I'm a brunette and a grey eyed girl like my grandmother.

I'm very easily scared, everytime I see a spider I scream in the whole house and that's make my father very angry. Besides I am very impatient particulary when I am waiting for my cakes in the oven.

I dress pretty conservatively even though I have a soft spot for high-heeled shoes.

I adore dancing. In addition I am found of skiing in the winter that explains why my father offered me skis. I'm into listening to music, especially when i'm getting ready for bed. I am crazy about cooking especially the chocolate cakes : it is my speciality. Moreover, I have to confess, I am nuts about M&M's.

On of my hobbies is to travelling the world; I have already been in the states, in Morocco and in two islands.

To conclude, If I could choose to be a season, it would be the summer because during summer we don't have school, it is the season when we go to the beach with friends. On top of that, it is the season when the water is worm and when it is sunny practicaly every day!