Agave Trifosa

Hi, my name is Ovanger Moritz. I live in a country in Asia region. I welcome everyone from another part of this blue earth to communicate with or making a friendship. :]

I would like to share every single thing I interest in and learn any other particular stuffs which are matter in lifestyle, music, photography, cook, movies, books, travelling, perfumery, fashion and many more.

You can find some other posts on Tumblr from the other piece of me.

And yes, it maybe a little confusing because some people ask which one is the real me. I must be saying I present myself in three pieces; Ovanger Moritz as a songwriter, vocalist, author and traveler; Soren Fang as a photographer, director, fashion stylist and cook; Agave Trifosa Situmorang as a not-a-boy-not-yet-a-man figure which you can find me on Google+.

Please contact me by email or mention me on Twitter for further communication we may have.